Driver Technology

ESI products are manufactured and distributed worldwide by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH, located in Leonberg, Germany. The company has been setup in 2006 as the new worldwide ESI headquarterin partnership with RIDI multimedia GmbH (the ESI distributor in Germany). Our products are developed and produced at various locations around the globe including several locations in Germany. The main R&D center is located in Korea, additional local offices are located in USA, UK, Japan and China.

ESI has been making professional audio products for over a decade now. Today, ESI is one of the leading vendors for professional and semi-professional audio equipment worldwide. Our ESI branded and various OEM products developed by us are well known and used daily by hundreds of thousands of customers everywhere in the world and produced and brought to market by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH.

Product Philosophy

From early 2007 ESI started using the slogan Clever. Better. Innovative. Professional. - we feel that these four words describe our product philosophy in the simplest way possible, a few product examples and comments from reviews illustrate that:

Today ESI is one of the most well known brands for home recording equipment. This is only possible, because all our products have been developed with the requirements of serious musicians in mind.

The MaXiO XD recording system for PC & Mac with PCI or PCIe interface, is our top-of-the-line solution for serious professional recording applications. Martin Walker from Sound On Sound (UK) concluded in his review of the PCI version: "With excellent audio quality and a huge number of versatile features, ESI have managed to cram a huge amount into their MaXiO XD system."

ESI has became famous over the years for a number of very innovative product designs and special product features - just think of technology like DirectWIRE as part of our well-known EWDM driver that became a standard in many computer based home studios around the globe.

SampleRobot, the automation sampling software from SKYLIFE, won the Innovation Award 2006 of KEYS (Germany), voted by readers. The family of SKYLIFE products is growing with SampleRobot Version 2, SampleRobot Essentials and the forthcoming WaveRobot. Scot Solida from Computer Music (UK) wrote about SampleRobot: "SampleRobot is like the second engineer you always wished you had." - well, that's really innovation!

ESI offers products that are among the best in their class.

nEar05 eXperience was the first active studio monitor in its price range that used a kevlar low frequency driver. Other vendors have since copied our idea, but reviewers like Paul White in Sound On Sound (UK) reach an important conclusion: "With a speaker this size, you don't expect a lot of low end, but the nEar05 does better than expected on this score. / ... they exhibit better bass extension than most speakers of this size."

ESI products are frequently recognized for their unique and clever design.

A very good example is our Juli@ audio interface with its special and totally unique swappable I/O section. Martin Walker from Sound On Sound (UK) concluded: "With a clever hardware design, good audio quality, and well-written and versatile drivers, ESI's Juli@ should find plenty of admirers."


A number of ESI products are based on key technologies like EWDM or DirectWIRE that have been developed and improved by ESI engineers with years of experience.


ESI products are sold worldwide through our extensive distribution network. If you are looking for a local reseller or you want to get information about our products locally, please contact one of our distributors.


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